China project

Yunnan project 300MWp, China

1- Project Location: Yunnan, China

2- Project Size: 300MW

4- Date of Commissioning: 2015-June

200MW PV plant in Golmud, China

Project Location: Golmud, China
Project Size: 200MW
Date of Commissioning: 2014-July

Jiangsu project 120MWp, China

1- Project Location: Jiangsu, China

2- Project Size: 120MW

3- Investment: 185 million USD

4- Date of Commissioning: 2014-December

100MW PV plant in Guazhou, China

Project Location: Guazhou, Gansu, China
Project Size: 100MW
Date of Commissioning: 2014-October

Toksun project 90MWp, China

1- Project Location: Toksun, Xinjiang, China

2- Project Size: 90MW

4- Date of Commissioning: 2014-December

50MW PV plant in Bao Steel, Shanghai, China

Project Location: Shanghai, China
Project Size: 50MW
Date of Commissioning: 2012-December

2MWp Rooftop project, Suzhou China

1- Project Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

2- Project Size: 2MW

4- Date of Commissioning: 2013-May

Solar-Wind Hybrid project, Shantou China

1- Nan’ao island 100kWp solar-wind hybrid system

2- Location: Shantou, China

3- Time: 2005-Mar

4- Capacity: 100KWp

5- Type: Solar-wind hybrid system

6- High Light
-- The first solar-wind hybrid grid system in China
-- Connected to 100kW high-voltage grid
-- Natinal the 15th Five-year Plant Technology Breakthrough Program
-- Mono-crystalline silicon module

Off-grid residential project, Tibet & Mongolia China

1- Location: Tibet & Mongolia

2- Time: Y2002~Y2003

3- Capacity: 2.5MWpr

4- Type: Off-grid power system

6- High Light
-- Concentrate power village
-- More than 30 villages in remote area
-- Remote monitoring
-- Easy maintenance